Are you afraid of something to the point you can’t stand the idea of that happening to you?

Fear is as old, and will be as enduring, as the race of man.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian writer said, “single stories create stereotypes and the problem with them is not that they are false, is that they are incomplete”.

The same happens with number thirteen and people, and this fear is probably as old as human race. For example Leonardo da Vinci in The Last Supper painted twelve apostles plus Jesus, and he was the one who was killed.

Or in the Olympian pantheon of Grecolatin antiquity they had twelve gods, when Christianity arrived Satan was the number thirteen. Even in the Tarot deck of cards, the thirteenth card is the death.

This fear has become a phobia called “triskaidekaphobia”. I found that out because of a magician friend. One day while drinking our usual afternoon coffee and talking about projects he told me “…it would be nice if we create a show called triskaidekaphobia…”.

So we started studying about it and I realized that number thirteen has been there all my life. For example I was born on 1988, if you add it’s numbers the result is 26. As well as my birth day and month, February 11, which result is 13. Also I started studying magic as a hobby at the age of thirteen and there are thirteen cards in each suit of a deck. Also, I was born left-handed and the Left-handed International Day is celebrated on August 13 every year. This number has been around all my life, and it keeps on appearing.

Instead of fearing this number I started loving it. Today the only thing that I fear is losing sight, fear that has been around me every single day since I discovered I love photography. Ironic when everything’s about light and light is about sight. Fear I’m trying to exorcise through Trece’s design concept and my obsession around this number.

Maybe they are only coincidences, or I’m looking for this coincidences in every single thing I do, I don’t know.

What I know is that all these stories made me who I am.

I am Trece