She said it’s not about you!

For Elegant Magazine.  Read also Cruzando el Océano by La Habana Decoración featuring this editorial

It’s not about you, son by Scouting for Girls, an English pop rock band. Their name is a play on the title of the 1908 Scouting handbook Scouting for Boys. (Wikipedia) This is the inspirational source for the name of this fashion editorial shot for Elegant Magazine. 

Even though this song was launched back on 2007, I got to listen to it during the summer of 2015. I was waiting for my flight to start boarding on the Pulkovo International Airport in St. Petersburg having a beer with a friend next to our gate when this song started to play.

The story, graphically speaking is based on Wes Anderson’s movie Moonrise Kingdom. And it’s about the human search for love. We spend great part of our lives looking for a our other half. I’m not talking about the archetype of finding one and only person that completes us. What I’m saying is we should look for that unique person that takes out the best of you and when you are next to that person you can be yourself for positive and not that positive things each one has. She said it’s not about you is about time and the adventure of searching for that person. About those moments of sadness and happiness all at the same time. The moments when you lose someone and you realice it’s not meant to be and maybe that’s a toxic person for you but still you have learn a lot about life with that person so you realize it wasn’t a waste of time.  It’s about the journey of finding the kind of love where you can get lost and at the same time respects and is attracted by your individuality. That’s the kind of love that I still crave and the kind of love I suggest we should look for. Or at least die trying.

Models: Cristina Duro & Aiste Lingyte - UNO Models

MUAH: Lisa Bodrug

Styling: Carlos Marló

Retouching: Joaquín Infiesta

Photography & Art Direction: @IAMTRECE

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Iamtrece - Fashion Photography
Iamtrece - Fashion Photography
Iamtrece - Fashion Photography