#PRESS: Semana Magazine

Revista Semana talking about my work.

“Local y con un toque Europeo.”

(Local with a European touch.)

On my #PRESS: FM Mundo & Platinum Radio Ecuador post I mentioned about how agencies called asking for me to shoot some campaigns and about some other of the shoots I shot in Ecuador.

Well this is one of those plus, I the magazine also interviewed me and so they are talking about my work.

This time the Semana magazine from Diario Expreso from Guayaquil city asked me for a fashion editorial and also interviewed me to talk about my work. All of it was built incredibly fast because I was leaving in a few days.

The magazine sent Eric a stylist from Cuenca, a beautiful city at the south of my country. A wonderful rusian model, Polina, who invited me to have some beers after the shoot. And one of the most important make up and hair artist in town, Andrea.

Even though the different looks arrived more than an hour later. We managed to accomplish the mission in less than an hour. The results from that day are awesome!  – you can check it out here – 

As the people I met while working in Ecuador.

Revista Semana Ecuador Lucho Dávila - iamtrece - Fashion Image Maker