#PRESS: FM Mundo & Platinum Radio Ecuador

FM Mundo Radio & Platinum Radio Ecuador asked me about my work.

Amazing people, amazing interviews.

During October 2016 I visited my home town for work. Of course I got time to see some family and friends, and share amazing moments with them. But the purpose of my trip was giving a workshop and some shootings.

In between my work I had the chance to meet some amazing people, most of them thanks to Cris Maag from the blog Front Row. Actually it was the first time I met in person with Cris, we did some Skypes before but that was it. She became something like my manager in Ecuador. She got me into a lot of meetings and interviews. Also, together we shot for Nylon Magazine en Español! Cris Maag is one of the most influential bloggers in Latin America!!

My journey in Ecuador was pretty exhausting, but I got the chance to be interviewed by María Mercedes Castro, Andrea Benítez and Nicole Cueva during the interview on FM Mundo Radio. All of them fashion enthusiasts!! We spoke about shoots I’ve done and projects around fashion. Also about the workshop I was about to teach in and their experiences on fashion.

I had also the chance to meet Marisol Romero and José Antonio Baquero at Radio Patinum with whom I spoke about my career, my mentors such as Miguel Oriola and Nick Knight and the publications I have shot for. All of them, amazing people who had the time to listen about my journey in fashion photography.


Lucho Dávila - iamtrece - Fashion image Maker
Lucho Dávila - iamtrece - Fashion image Maker