On August 2011 Trece did a campaign that had more impact than he thought.

Trece convinced many companies and the municipality of Quito to trust him and invest on his project giving him money for promotion and a small publication where he gathered most of the magician’s biographies from the city; stages, sound, a place to perform, etc. The goal, to promote the art of deception around the city. And so he did, he went all over the media, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines. The campaign was so well planed at the point that he also did on July 13 of 2011 an intervention in the city placing in some strategic points QR codes with a link to an invitation to this event, created two characters for it, an ambigram, and pre shows planed on specific dates performing as “Dagón the Illusionist”. And some other different releases of info about it until the big day. The event was on August 4th, it was called “Juegos de la Mente” at the end more than 1300 people attended.

(And he got graduated! yep, that was his thesis for his major.)

Promo Video

Juegos de la Mente on TV - 1

Show Video

Juegos de la Mente on TV - 2