#WORKSHOP: Fashion Photography

About my Fashion Photography Workshop in Quito

As I told you in my last #PRESS post. On October I visited my country, Ecuador. Mainly for teaching fashion photography. The workshop was coordinated by Front Row as well as the shootings and interview with the press.

It was the first time I came back to my country to teach fashion photography. As soon as I landed in Quito, some agencies called me to shoot some campaigns. And also started to give some lectures about the importance of fashion on fashion photography on universities and photography clubs, all of them before the big day.

A side from the interviews on newspapers and radios, some other blogs wrote articles about the workshop and my work. Here the samples I was able to save!

Finally the day arrived and we where super exited! The workshop was divided in two days, first one a theoretical lecture about important stuff from a fashion image, team, brands, etc. It took place at Sheraton Hotel.

The place was almost full and people where very enthusiastic about what I had to say.I was astonished that well known photographers from the city attended and were the most keen about it. We spent almost an entire day speaking about fashion and image making. It was awesome!

Second day took place at a beautiful studio called “Huella” located near the woods you can find in my home town. So when I arrived (really early in the morning) there was an amazing fog coming out of the woods. Sad to say, we where shooting indoors. I was shooting a demonstrative class for the workshop students and also shooting for Nylon en Español Magazine.

We had to be very careful when choosing the team I was going to work with. Thats why before all of these I had several meetings with the team, model and studio owner. I had to make sure the workshop and the production were going to be perfect. At the end of day two, everyone was happy with it and we had amazing results! It was one of the most delightful experiences I had had.

For sure I’ll do it again if I had the chance!

Fashion Photography Workshop Quito 2016 #iamtrece
Fashion Photography Workshop Quito 2016 #iamtrece
Fashion Photography Workshop Quito 2016 #iamtrece