It was the year 2006 and Trece had this strange need for deception as an art, so he began creating a brand around magic, Thirteen Magic born later that year on October 31. After thinking what to do out of it and how to get something good out of the art of deception he also created a character so it could be the spokesman of Thirteen Magic. His name was “Dagón the Illusionist”, this name was taken from a Philistine sea god. It seems that Dagon was the Dagan in ugaritic, a death language from Ugarit (Siria) and in Greek mythology he was Triton.

With this alter ego and this brand Trece had some tricks up his sleeve. So he started performing on several theaters of different cities like Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca; and appearing here and there for five years. Until he decided to create the biggest campaign for magic created in his home town and with that teach people how to appreciate this art. And so he did, he created Juegos de la Mente on 2011 and promoted around the country the art of magic. He appeared on news papers, magazines, Tv channels, radio,  press in general around the country convincing everyone that he’s a professional liar without even knowing it.


First Magic Video - 2008

Variedades Theatre, Quito.

Magic - Interview by Santiago.